Breaking the spells

Everything I teach is borrowed.  The world is full of trickery – everything I say is full of trickery – you are a trickster –

2004 Bear Creek

These words and phrases run through my head -each day as I emerge out of the mists and shake off the spells that clamor for my attention of technology each day, I awaken to what I value.  12 step recovery is the road I walk, and I walk it only to the extent that I circulate it.  The circulatory system teaches me to flow to the beat of the drum that is my heart.  My feelings are in this organ that lies within my chest – my Yakima friend says we are all born with a drum.  The heartbeat and the heartspace are my gifts, as well as these words that flow from a state of “non-doing”.  This beingness is the lubricant that is the grail needed for healing our deep wounds.  To forgive yourself, and not buy in to what others think of me/you.   We can demonstrate being ” The real and authentic Patrick looks at himself in the mirror each morning, making contorted faces that break the “facades” or faces we put on.  The false face societies of my ancestors put these false faces on their doors to ward away negative “dangers”.  My learning the simplicity of my own recovery, and how difficult the simple grows as I age.  It isn’t the aging, rather the beliefs I “hold” in the armor of my muscular system.  My back is “gripped”.  The first spell is “there is not enough”, second “more is better” and third “that just the way it is”.

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