Native American Style Flutes

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The flute, drum and our heart are connected. The flute is a masculine energy and its element is air. The drum is a feminine energy and connected to the earth. They meet in the heart.

The young men were encouraged to play the flute – “go find you songs – sit under a tree in nature and listen to the natural sounds of the winds, the birds and nature’s sounds, and just play. Play a little bit each day or so – at first you will make squawky sounds – be patient because the learning happens in the space – the heart space between your playing. Your songs are in your heart – don’t play anyone else’s songs, find your songs, which are the sweetest songs.” When they found their songs, they would play for the maidens and these songs would touch the heart, thus the term “Courting flute”. The flute dances in the rhythms of the drum.

We carry over 100 Native American style wooden flutes in our retail store, by makers such as Woodsounds Flutes (Brent Haines), Wind’s Song Flutes (Scott Loomis), Stellar Flutes (Tom, Matt & Lily Stewart), Singing Tree Flutes (Miguel Medina), Shades of Rez Flutes (Tim Blueflint), Quiet Bear Flutes (Dwight Lind), Navajo Flutes (Jonah Thompson), Butch Hall Flutes (Butch Hall), and others. Woods include Cedar, Alder, Maple and rare hardwoods such as Cocobola and Ebony.

Over the years as I have learned to play the flute, I have upgraded the quality of the flutes we carry. I not only look at the flute, I also support flute makers who love what they do and put their loving energy into the flute. We offer over 100 flutes on an ongoing basis, and our inventory is ever changing. We offer flutes from a student-beginning flute to a top line recording quality instrument. The flute touches the heart and we are proud to offer these quality flutes from our friends.


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