Ways to Be

By Patrick Pinson

You are a guest here.  Tread lightly and be respectful, and clean up after yourself.  Each day, leave things cleaner than what you found them.  If you use something here, clean it and put it up.  Leave no clutter here, as someone will have to clean up after you.  The basis of strengthening your spiritual connection is the absence of clutter.  In nature, the animals keep the power trees clean and free of clutter, as they take loving care of what they hold as sacred.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  Approach each day as a lifetime, the morning is the springtime, the noon is the summer, the evening is the autumn and the nighttime is the winter.  Each day is a gift, and our point of power is in one day at a time, ever reducing out point of power to the present moment.  When your life is free of clutter, the Creator can work through you, thus becoming hollow bones.

Make statements rather than ask questions.  It is more risking to reveal yourself than to ask others to reveal themselves.  Direct your questions to how and what questions, and write them down to gain clarity, and to help others.

Let go of assumptions and expectations, which are planned resentments.  Ask for support, yet be supportive in the ways others feel supported.  Ask permission when using others’ things unless there is a clear agreement.  Share your intention each day of what you are going to create, and stay focused on your own intentions.  Stay out of other people’s hoops unless asked, and keep your own house in order.

Take care of yourself of all levels, mind, body, spirit and emotions. You honor the circle when you take loving care of yourself and are productive.

Lend a hand and share your time, talent and treasure.  It is in giving that we receive.  Seek to understand rather than be understood.  Release your neediness, explanations and justifications.  Spend time each day in prayer and meditation and quietness.

Play with your whole heart.  Be passionate in what you do.  Dance, laugh, cry and sing, and don’t take yourself so damn seriously.  Stay current with each in the circle and speak from your heart.