Our Drums

At Cedar Mountain Drums, we strive not only to make a quality drum, but a drum which will give voice to you on your own journey with it. Patrick Pinson has been making drums for over twenty years and has shared his technical and spiritual knowledge with a great many persons throughout this time. All of our frame drums, whether made by Patrick himself or one of his apprentices, are made with the utmost of respect and honor for the animal and plant people who contribute to the finished instrument. We construct each drum with love, respect and prayer.

We will gladly work with you in creating your Drum, not only to your own specifications, but with a mindful prayerfulness, inviting into the Drum your own intent and spirit. If in any way you are not satisfied with your drum, you may return it for an exchange.

A message from Patrick Pinson: For me, drum making is a prayer. I begin by smudging the hide, the hoop and myself. I thank the animal and tree for providing me with their hoop and hide for the drum. I thank our Creator for the breath of life. Since I do not know how the animal was killed, I offer my prayers to the spirit of the animal, thanking it for its life and the gift of a drum for the healing of the people. To breathe while making a drum is to be in prayer. I focus on my heart and breath, a continuous flow of the air, in and out without holding. My drums have no knots – one continuous flow of lacing, hand cut from the hide. I have learned over the years to make drums only when I am in my heart space and connected with spirit. The prayers I put in the drum, the gratitude and blessings for the opportunity to create the sacred drum. Drum making is a mystery – each drum I make is different, as is each tree, each animal and the two legged who will use it. I have learned so much running Cedar Mountain – how to say no to being bigger and how to maintain the balance of Love, work, play and support. I am grateful for all those people in our community who help and have helped me keep our drums and products special.

For more information about Patrick’s drum making process, please click here.