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Our hoop & frame drums are made from deer, elk, horse and buffalo, on hoops or frames of Deodar cedar or maple. Sizes range from 10″ to 20″ (not all hides and hoops are available in all sizes). All our drums are available with an optional soft elk suede handle.

These drums are hand made with loving intention at our location in Portland, Oregon. The Deodar Cedar drum is 2 1/2″ deep. The Maple drum is 2 7/8″ deep.

All drums are made with 16 holes and a four directions handle. We recommend either the hard beater or the soft beater for these drums. These types of beaters create different vibrations — the hard beater gives you a sharper and more solid “hit”, while the soft beater gives you a smoother sound. The drums shown are for illustration only, each drum is different and has its own personality, appearance and song. If you like, give us a call at 877-34 DRUMS and we will be happy to play them for you so that you can choose the perfect sound for you.

If you are planning to use your drum in extreme conditions, such as sweat lodges or in an environment which is very hot, cold, wet or dry, the smaller drums with the thicker hides will hold their tone the best (Of course, all drums are affected by their surroundings just as we are; check out the link: Caring For Your Drum as we are not responsible for negligence).

Don’t forget to order Drum Beaters
Protect your drum with a Drum Bag
Add a Screen Print to decorate your drum

Deer, Elk, Moose and Buffalo products cannot be shipped outside the United States.

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10" Deodar Cedar Hoop Drum, 10" Willow Oak (2.5"deep), 12" Willow Oak (2.5" deep), 12" Willow Oak (3" deep), 13" Deodar Cedar Hoop Drum, 14" Willow Oak (2.5" deep), 14" Willow Oak (3" deep), 15" 16-Sided Red Cedar Drum, 15" Deodar Cedar Hoop Drum, 15" Maple Hoop Drum, 15" Octagon Cedar Hoop Drum, 16" Willow Oak (2.5" deep), 16" Willow Oak (3" deep), 17" 16-Sided Red Cedar Drum, 18" Deodar Cedar Hoop Drum, 18" Willow Oak (3" deep), 20" Deodar Cedar Hoop Drum, 20" Maple Hoop Drum, 20" Willow Oak (3" deep), 8" Willow Oak (2" deep)

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Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Horse


No Handle, Soft Wrap Elk Handle


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