Weekly Drum Circles


Have you ever experienced stress? If you answered yes, then may we suggest that you come to a Drumming Circle where you can pound and scream along with a group of crazy people just like yourself? The

Men at the Drumming Circle at Cedar Mountain Drums enjoy improvisational play.


release is phenomenal! It’s as if you were packing up your tension and troubles and sending them off with the sound waves. Creating music with drums is an active form of meditation. Often in the drum trance state-of-mind questions are answered, problems are solved, and clarity is achieved because the thinking (left) brain is put on hold and we allow our intuitive (right) brain to rule for a little while. A recent study even suggests an increase in cancer-fighting immunities in people participating in group drumming.



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We have all kinds of drums and rattles available including a community pow wow or thunder drum.Drumming is good for your spirit — expressing yourself in a free-form, non-judgmental, improvisational environment like a drum circle can allow you to tap into a very strong spiritual connections. It’s primitive. It’s basic. It’s part of us.

The power and magic of drumming circles is growing and is a way to communicate what goes beyond words or explanations.

Our drum circles are always safe space for the beginner or advanced drummer.

The intent of our circles is first and foremost to create safe space, and to give permission to find and honor the rhythms that lie within each of us. The focus is play, which is defined as having no agenda, and the circles are not so much a teaching as an experience.

Drumming Circles at
Cedar Mountain Drums

We have tons of percussion for you to share or bring your own drums, rattles or other noise makers.

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All Circles held Wednesday night from 7:00 pm to about 9:00 pm
Upstairs at 2239 E. Burnside St (just go in the front door).
Bring your own drum or percussion instruments or use ours (except Shamanic Journeying)
$5.00 minimum suggested Donation Requested

1st Wednesday: Mixed Drumming and Sharing Circle

2nd Wednesday: Mixed Drumming and Sharing Circle
3rd Wednesday: Mixed drumming and Sharing Circle

4th Wednesday: Shamanic Journeying
(Donation $10.00)

5th Wednesday: Sharing and Meditation  Circle