Welcome to Cedar Mountain Drums, A Place For Spirit, in Portland, Oregon since 1988

We are here to serve our customers with mail-order products.  Our retail store is now open to customers by appointment only.  We are here most weekdays Monday through Thursday 10-6 and we live above our store, so call and let us know what you would like and when you would like to visit.  As we have no employees, and are usually making products upstairs, please respect our space by calling and stating your intention and time you would like to visit.  Thank you for your support of our community. Closed for lunch and nap 12-2 pm. 

we will be closed this Thursday for our summer solstice ceremony at our heartspace retreat center where we will be making prayers to our ancestors

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We at Cedar Mountain Drums have joined together to support the sacred wishes of many hearts wanting to explore and realize the meaning of their journey by using ancient tools to do so … the drum, the rattle, the flute, shields, smudging herbs… all of these things are part of the ceremony in finding the way of spirit.

The vision of our store came to Patrick in a dream…the name that came to him was “come to your senses”. Many who enter our store express that walking in the door is to move into a sacred space – a haven away from the chaos of the city. The sweet smell of sage and sweet grass, the soft sounds of flute music, art that touches the soul and every nook and cranny full of surprises and treasures, all these make visiting Cedar Mountain Drums an experience in engaging the senses…smells, sounds, clean energy and a cornucopia of beautiful artisanship and one of kind products. select-drumEach visitor can take the time to breathe in the essence of healing energy. We believe that we are here to offer information, assistance and open, playful hearts.

What makes Cedar Mountain Drums unique is the spiritual energy and presence that goes into the drums, rattles and products we make. If one is only measuring by one dimension, i.e. price, we are not the cheapest. If one measures by the feeling they get when they pick up a drum we have made, the value is infinite. All of our creations are made with loving intention and ceremony. We honor and respect the spirits of the plants and animals who give themselves and continue their life as healing tools for us.

Counter painted hoop drums
Here you can see some of the beautiful Art Drums, djembes, tabla, jewelry and other one of a kind, hand crafted items in our store.

We offer these tools for spiritual expression and a safe place to join others with like mind and heart.

We make most of our products at either our Portland, Oregon location or at our Bear Creek property in Carson, Washington. Most others are supplied by local craftspeople or are purchased from like-minded companies. We also offer books, music and a variety of drums, flutes and herbs from many cultures.

We stand behind our products with a one year warranty and will gladly repair a split drum at a nominal charge. We value your feedback on our products.

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