Qualities of the Woods Used in Our Drums

By Patrick Pinson


Our name, Cedar Mountain Drums derived from the healing qualities of Cedar. Our Cedar rims are hand wrapped with prayer and respect.

The Cedar tree is a powerful healing tree, and the flutes and drums constructed from the Cedar carry a superior resonance and healing energy. The Natives of the Northwest smudged with Cedar, used Cedar tea for healing and carved their totems, masks and canoes from this sacred wood. Many songs were written about the healing energies of Cedar, and when a tree was taken, all parts of it were used for the healing and survival of the People.

deodarDeodar Cedar

Like the Yellow Cedar, the Deodar Cedar tree is a powerful healing tree, and drums constructed from this Cedar also carry a superior resonance and healing energy. This is the national tree of Pakistan, where these rims are constructed. It is held sacred by the Hindu people and dedicated to the God Shiva. The Sanskrit name for this tree, devadaru, means “God Tree.” Indian sages dedicated to Shiva traditionally lived with their families in Deodar Cedar forests.  The wood is slightly heavier than willow oak.

willow-oakWillow Oak

The diva of the Willow Oak teaches mental clarity. When you are inundated with worry, anxiety and repetitive thoughts, your mind acts as a screen that keeps you from sensing fully your own spiritual understanding. Willow Oak mentally detaches you from your confusion, and gives you the central focus from a broader perspective. The soul tone is G#, element is air and subtle body affinities are Mental/spiritual. If you want to learn how to meditate, willow oak is a fascinating teacher. It can relax your physical body, calm your anxiety, and aid you in releasing thoughts that run in your head like a broken record. The affirmation is “I still my thoughts with compassion, and center on the Purity and Peace of My Spirit”