Store Tour Continued

You can also see our drum and flute wall hangers and small leather pouches. Of course, we also carry our rawhide shaman’s rattles, as well as custom made bags for your drum or flute.

We offer weekly drum circles in the space above our store where all levels from the beginner to the master are welcome to play. We also offer classes on bridging the old indigenous ways to the present and future generations. In addition, there are frequently classes and offerings at our twenty acres in Carson, Washington.

Thank you for joining us in celebration of life and music, and the way of the spirit.

All good medicine,
The People of Cedar Mountain Drums

Incenses, Herbs and Smudging supplies are another one of our specialties.
Some of the many fine Native American style Wooden Flutes we carry by makers such as Brent Haines, Scott Loomis, Stellar, Quiet Bear and others.
We endeavor to carry indigenous instruments made around the world: Djembes from Mali, Ghana & Senegal, Gongs from China, Singing Bowls from Nepal, and more!
He doesn’t have a name…but he greets everyone on arrival.
We carry a large selection of hard to find craft supplies, such as deer toes, porcupine quills, turtle shells, natural pigments, horse hair and more.