Our burnished steel Wall Hangers come in Eagle, Elk, Buffalo, Grizzly Bear, Heart Line Bear, Kokopelli or Wolf designs. They will elegantly hold a drum and beater or two flutes.

We have Drum Bags which are custom made for us to perfectly fit our hoop & frame drums. Drum bags come in nylon. Custom colors and sizes are available.

Drum beaters in a variety of styles are available. Most are hand made at our Portland, Oregon location. We also carry commercial fiberglass and foam powwow beaters in two sizes.

We also carry Shea Butter for the maintenance of your drum, especially recommended in hot or extreme climates.

From hard PVC Flute Cases for travel to the very ingenious 12-flute Pendleton bag, we have a variety of options for the protection of your flute. A single flute stand is also available to display your favorite Native American style flute.

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