Craft Supplies

In our craft supply section, you will find both natural sinew and artificial sinew in a variety of colors and sizes; tanned deer, elk and buffalo leather; elk splits; crow or pony beads; pinch (pink) conch and abalone shell buttons; antler buttons; rabbit and buffalo fur; bone and horn hair pipe; buffalo teeth; porcupine quills; jingle cones; natural dyes (can be used as paints); turkey, peahen, macaw & painted feathers; patterns for regalia, moccasins & traditional costumes; tools for drum making & more!
We carry a variety of Shells and Buttons — turtle, abalone, cowry & dentalium shells, as well as abalone buttons, which have been used for making and decorating clothing, rattles and other items over the centuries. We stock fur, leather, leather lacing, and elk splits. Because of the variable nature of these items, we can’t list them all here. If you don’t see what you need on the site, please give us a call at 877-34 DRUMS or email us for availability.
Natural pigments, such as Red and Yellow Ochre, as well as Black, White Zinc and Green Chromium Oxides, have been used from the earliest dawn of humanity. Other Craft Items include deer toes, and porcupine quills. More modern additions are items like tobacco lid jingles for jingle dresses and pre-carved fan handles which simplify the creation of a dance or smudge fan.
Modern times bring modern solutions to old problems. Artificial sinew (a waxed thread) can be used in place of the more traditional animal sinew in items like dream catchers and rattles. The new version is much easier to use and comes in a variety of colors. There are even air-brushed Feathers designed to look just like eagle, hawk and owl feathers (which cannot be sold), as well as natural wild turkey and other feathers. Tools like leather punches and All-Around Shears replace the awl and the knife.

Note: Deer, Elk, Moose and Buffalo products cannot be shipped outside the United States.

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