We are grateful for the kind words from our customers, whom we consider friends, as follow below. You may submit yours by following this link.

Medicine Drum experience

Dear Patrick,

I just have to say again how much I love my Elk Drum with the hummingbird artwork. This is so much more than anything I could have imagined. This drum is awake and is awakening me. Love my drum. The strikers are really amazing too~

Thank you for being here!

My 17″ Elk Medicine Drum

Dear Patrick and Rose!

I received my beautiful Elk Medicine Drum today with the exquisite artwork by Rose! What can I say?

It is just the most beautiful experience to hold my drum close to my chest and beat it and feel the vibration traveling through my body. I felt instantly connected and I am looking forward to developing this beautiful and healing relationship.

The artwork is extraordinary and very much alive. The entire drum from the back of the drum to to front and all sides are so awake and present!

I love my drum! Thank you!

I want a horse medicine drum now. We will talk soon!

Love and Blessings


Years ago I went to Pat’s store in search of a drum (pow wow style)  without too much detail, Pat and his partner helped our group. Being friends of Bill, it helped many of my brothers and sisters who struggle with addictions. Later our drum became the mainstay of our group,  Standing Eagle. Many of the group members have taken the journey but the spirit of the drum and song live on, we are forever relatives of Cedar Mountain and founder Pat Pinson.

Love and Gratitude


Just wanted to say thank you for all you guys do to support the local and extended community of healers. It is always a joy to come visit the store, one of the things I look forward to the most when visiting Portland!
Love and Gratitude


Buffalo Drum

Thank you, Patrick, for hand-creating with loving intentions my first Buffalo Drum! It arrived quickly and I love that the hide has two marks that look like “11” and “11” on there. The way it is secured onto the wood is gorgeous and it feels great in my hand. I took it to Sunrise on Jan 1, 2021 to initiate its sound. It sounds amazing and I often beat the drum for a few minutes each day in my home to create more harmony and give gratitude.
Thank you so much for your careful attention to my order. I love my new drum !

The Therapist

This was years ago when I was seeing a Rebirthing Therapist for panic, muscle cramps — childhood PTSD, in other words. One session she says, let’s try something else and brought out a medicine drum. Since she was studying to be a shaman, I thought ‘okay.’

Within a few seconds of the heartbeat rhythm most all the muscles were relaxed. It took 20 minutes for the neck muscles to finally come around. The shocking thing was, that I didn’t have to take my meds for the next three days.

Nancy’s New Drum

Hi Patrick,

My drum arrived today and I am beyond ecstatic if such a realm exists 🙂

It is absolutely beautiful and to see my first horse, an Appaloosa, and my last, a jet-black Missouri Fox Trotter with the white and black buffalos took my breath away.

The quality of your craftsmanship is exceptional. Thank you so so much!


Big Medicine Coming out of these Drums

Thank you so much to Patrick and Cedar Mountain Drums for committing to creating amazing drum kits for those who are dedicated to the healing arts. We recently had a Drum Making Workshop and the participants were overwhelmed with gratitude to all their healing helpers that joined in the process of creating the drums. Patrick went out of his way to choose beautiful hides and ship them promptly and communicate thoroughly to ensure our needs were met. I’ll be back over and over and so appreciate the efforts to make our workshop a meaningful experience. Thank you, Patrick!

Patrick, My new friend

Gratitude for my buffalo which arrived at 10:50 a.m. on my birthday.  My family which cares for me had gone to the coast to watch the dolphins so the house was quiet.

I introduced myself to the spirit of the drum inspecting and touching it to ask it to participate with me in my drive to communicate some values on the sound of the drum.

I realized that words would not convey the message so as I drum a concept I become the feeling of that attribute – honesty, compassion, etc.  My hope is that the vibration and the sound will reach the heart of a savior.

Wishing you well and safe and again Thanks You, Marilyn

Beyond My Wildest Expectations

My drum and rattle have the most awesome voices. The craftsmanship and spirit that went into these items are truly beautiful. Rose’s design on the drum is even more special than the one pictured; my disappointment at the one I chose being sold out quickly abated.

Thank you so very much Cedar Mountain Drums.

My Buffalo Drum

Patrick, my new found friend,                                 July, 2020

Grateful for my buffalo which arrived at 10:50 a.m. on my birthday.  My family which cares for me had gone to the coast to watch the dolphins so the house was quiet.  I introduced myself to the spirit of the drum. inspecting it and touching it to ask it to participate with me in my desire to communicate some values on the sound of the drum.

I realized that words would not convey the message so as I drum a concept I become the feeling of that attribute – honesty, compassion, itc.  My hope is that the vibration and the sound will reach the heart of a warrior.  Wishing you well and safe, and again thank you.  Marilyn

I Am In Love

I am absolutely in love with my new drum, from the first beat!! I chose a custom made 16″ hoop drum and 2 beaters. The sound of the drum resonates perfectly with/ within me. The quality of the drum and beaters is great, and reflects the love put into their craftsmanship. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. I am grateful for these purchases, and the care instructions included. Blessings and thank you so very much!

Magical Experience

I went in today finally to buy my drum. It will be used for sound healings with crystal bowls and with Reiki, among other things. I didn’t have a pre-conceived idea of which animal medicine I needed, and decided to let it come to me. Patrick met me at the door and when I told him what I was wanting it for he guided me immediately to a beautiful 15″ Buffalo drum that he said he had just finished recently. The drum spoke to me immediately. We tried several others, but this drum spoke to me in a very special way. I knew it was the drum I came for and apparently he did, as well. I also wanted a rattle and tried a few and again, the first one I picked up was the one I wanted. He told me then that was also Buffalo. I had a feeling of deep reverence and balance. When I got home I reviewed again the nature of Buffalo medicine, and it is exactly what I want and need for myself and for my work. Thank you for the beautiful experience and the beautiful drum!

Love my Drum

Thank you Patrick, Cedar Mountain Drum and Rose for my beautiful drum. The sound is incredible and the painting on the drum that Rose completed is so special to me. I am so pleased and my drum is everything I hoped for. My drum beater is even coordinated to match my drum. I chose a lovely teal colored case that is a wonderful quality and a snug and protective space for my drum when I travel with it. Since my drum is a work of art, I also purchased the eagle drum hanger to display by drum and beater on the wall in my healing room. I am very pleased.

Awesome Experience

I visited Patrick’s website and watched his videos (very relaxing and informative). Coincidentally, my daughter planned a trip to Portland so I took the opportunity to call Patrick and order a drum. I found Patrick to be just as heart warming on the phone as he is in his videos, fantastic vibes! My daughter brought my drum home (Arizona) and wow, the drum was beyond what I expected in quality and sound. I hope to make it to Portland one day so I can personally thank this wonderful man for the loving energy and respect he puts into his drums. Thank you Patrick!

From Vermont

Good Morning Patrick
I received my drum and did an awakening ceremony on Saturday. I went out into the woods centered and did a prayer thanking the spirit of the elk and alpaca, also thanking the willow. I said a prayer to you as well for birthing this beautiful drum. I did the the heart beat to the four directions to the creator and Mother Earth.so I was not quite while while doing this I was in my heart drumming. I was greeted by two deer that startled me as they came 100 feet upon me, they blew and retreated with white tails in the air. I was thankful and grateful that these deer came in and their spirit was present. I was grateful because they usually shy away from noise or a presence. I wanted to share with you because your drum you birthed has beautiful medicine.i love the sound and vibration. I have been practicing and trying to learn different beats my rhythm is off, so that needs work which I believe resonates with my life in general. I wanted to thank you for this beautiful living drum.
With love and gratitude,
Respectfully, Kelly

Thanks Patrick


Just a quick note to thank you for two great experiences. The drum circle was just what I needed and making the drum with you was magical. Being in your presence is transformative…

Blessings brother,


This drum is amazing!

This drum is amazing! I’m talking about the horse hide/Alaskan yellow cedar frame drum with the roadrunner totem painted on it. Chiewa is the name. I already knew it was special, but I took it to a flute & drum gathering in Salem last weekend, where it really found its voice. Sublime is the best word that comes to mind. One gentleman at the gathering told me afterward that the drum took him on a shamanic journey while the flutes were playing along with it.

The whistling elk drum, Tonu, hasn’t had its debut yet. I’ve taken it to work a few times so I’d have a drum available to play along with Apapane, the flute player clan-painted elk hide drum I got from you when I first started my work for the Siletz tribe. So far, drumming in session hasn’t happened again, but it’s coming.

Here’s a picture of the new, happy members of my drum family.




Flute enjoyment

I bought a flute from you maybe 10 yrs ago when you were at the Sandpoint arts and crafts show. I still enjoy and get solice while playing the flute outside. It helped me get thru some tough times by going outside and playing for a while, just took away all stress. Thank you for a well made instrument that has lasted many years and has brought much enjoyment to me .

Drum Kit

I bought a drum building kit from Cedar Mountain for my first personal drum, and it has been incredible! The hide and hoop along with the rest of the parts came feeling very energetically clear and strong. I had no problems in making the drum–it turned out beautifully and is very powerful. I must express my gratitude to Patrick Pinson for his guidance and openness. The drum has brought to me an amazing journey from which there is still more to come!


I was named after this Celtic Goddess and found her through Sandra Ingerman’s site where Cedar Drums was recommended…. Then I found my Sheela Drum made of deer. BTW, I’ve studied over 20 years with Brant Secunda, Huichol Shaman, Dance of the Deer… So I knew this was my drum. It waited 20 years for me as was painted by Alana Lea who saw her in person in Scotland carved in stone in an old abbey…. She feels the same as I did contact her…. So Patrick is truly a “midwife of drums”….. It even snowed last night here in South Jersey, the night that I received Sheela-Na-Gig….Thank you Patrick… Snow Kisses, Sheila aka “Snowflake” – picture shows her new home with other drums.

We received the drum

We received the drum and are struck by the beauty of its craftmanship – truly an inspired work of art.

Thank you so much!

I hope one day to be able to afford to order a much larger drum for myself, out of horse hide.

Thank you again so much for what you do and for the love you put into your work, we can feel it when we play the drum.

The drums have arrived

Hey Patrick,

The drums have arrived and they’re perfect — rich, deep tones in each, I’m so grateful for your thoughtful selection. Thanks so much for being the source of such wondrous instruments of Spirit!

Many Blessings,

One Year Anniversary

April 10, 2012 will mark the one year anniversary of the day I was gifted my Cedar Mountain Drum from a beautiful healer friend. I have SO loved playing my drum! It joins in song with 2 other Cedar Mountain Drums (along with others) in our women’s drumming circle, it has been played in meditations, and I use it to end healing sessions with clients. I never would have thought that a drum could transform my life, as well as those around me, but it has. I feel its song on such a deep soul level and every song is unique and prayerful. Thank you for the love you placed in my drum!!

In His light,


This is a follow-up just to say thank you

Zan Drum Workshop 20120310Hello Patrick:

This is a follow-up just to say thank you for your wonderful drum kits which I ordered for my Make Your Own Ceremonial drum workshop.

I was really pleased with the quality and presentation of your materials and will order again next year when I decide to have another workshop. All participants seemed very pleased as well. Meantime I thought you might enjoy some pictures of some still drying virgin drums.  I’m on the left in rainbow colors.

Many thanks, Zan

Much Gratitude

Today my heart is filled with much gratitude and blessing for the crossing of our paths at this time in the journey.  These past few weeks have been challenging as I seek discernment not only with regards to the drum but in my life at this time.  During our conversations I mentioned that I had to lose myself in order to discover myself, giving up everything– my roles – my beliefs – my understandings in order to follow my heart and myself.  I have struggled much since giving up those things that once gave meaning to life but I could no longer continue to believe that which my heart told me was not true. The drum, I believe will help greatly in my searching and in the stillness to understand what my heart is telling me and to discover the path that I am to continue on.   Thank you for being part of this time and part of the drum that will carry me forward in life.

Continued Blessings,

Grateful and Overjoyed

My very dear Patrick,

To say I am grateful and overjoyed with my drum and rattle does not begin to cover it.

First, the rattle as it was the first thing I saw. I was thinking you’d be sending plain skin or gourd rattle with some kind of bear insignia. When I saw this amazing Bear Rattle, I wept. Her voice is powerful like Bear, her red handle is very beautiful and comfortable. The fur completely astonished me. While I have worked with Bear for a very long time, I have never been gifted any bear fur. It is humbling. I need to order (AND PAY FOR!) a rattle cover for this amazing gift.

The drum is unlike any I have ever used, and sings with the most astonishing voice I have ever heard. A low and powerful and entirely melodious resonance that I can feel as well as hear, a sonic driving unlike any I have ever heard even after only a minute of playing — I was his (or hers? Have to journey to both to discover their names and how I can honor them) from the first beat. The dark hide was unexpected and perfect. I bless the horse who lived and whose skin I now use. I devoutly pray s/he had a good life and death.

The only thing missing was enough business cards! I intend to get a card holder for my studio and display your cards as well as distributing them at my classes. You have a client for life.

If you ever come to Seattle, please come and visit. And I will certainly come see you the next time I am in Portland.

With huge gratitude,

So Happy with Kits

Dear Patrick,
I made my first order from you in 2008, when we did a drum making for 18 youth in Skidegate.  We were so happy with the kits that we had Hesquiaht Place of Learning order 20 from you, which we were invited to help the kids assemble.  Those hides were very nice.

Thanks very much for all the drum kits you’ve sent!  We really appreciate their quality and beauty!

Layla Rorick
Administrator, Hesquiaht Language Program
Hot Springs Cove
P.O. Box 352
Tofino B.C.
V0R 2Z0

My flute

Hi Patrick, hope you are doing well today. My flute I ordered came Tuesday evening and I am really enjoying it. I brought it to work yesterday and played for one of my patients and have it with me again today and I have a patient I know will enjoy it and have lots of questions about it. She will be 102 yrs in July. Thanks again for your kindness.

Rev. Lowell
(Fluting Loone)

You Can’t Go Wrong

Patrick and Mandi they are great people selling only quality flutes, have done business with them for years, can’t go wrong buying a flute or drum here, their customer service is outstanding as well, Thank you guys,


Second Time I’ve Ordered

Hey Patrick –

This is the second time I’ve ordered drums from you and I can tell you I’ll be ordering many more. Folks in Michigan LOVE them and the fact that your company considers drums to be sacred and not just a business…

My friend feels very strongly in the wood descriptions you give on your website and really would like a Maple Hoop.

Many thanks – and here’s is a photo of the first group of friends that made drums (I ordered 6 before but the 2 moose drum kits will be made with the girls I just ordered drums for today. Love my horse drum and love your company!


Drums of Love

Dear Patrick….Found your website from the inscription in my new Cedar Mountain Drum, which I just received Sunday night.  I want to Thank you… I am so blessed and grateful to have received one of those “Drums of Love”…Thank you for the time and love you put into creating it, like no other. It is an inspiring piece of art. I am overflowing with gratitude as a beautiful sister of mine gifted me the 15” Horse/Cedar.  It Is SO Beautiful and the low A(G#) sound takes me on a journey and puts me in a relaxing prayerful trance. I cannot stop drumming. I had no idea what I have been missing in my meditation. I am drumming every chance I get, and I want you to know the drum will always be being honored and respected. I am planning to get a bag for it to transport it to drumming circles. Many of my spiritual sisters, here in the midwest, also have drums and we plan to drum together often.
You have truly found your purpose in life and that is such a blessing from God…Your vision, purpose and mission has resonated with me…I hope to journey to your Bear Creek Heartspace someday…It sound awesome and looks like heaven on earth…..Again, Thank You, Patrick…. Blessings to you, In Spirit,

Your sister


Drum That Spoke to Me

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful place you have. I came in on my birthday with my husband to chose my drum as a gift from my husband. Immediately, I was amazed by what a wonderful shop you have. Looking in from the outside, one would never guess all that is to be found within.  I was made to feel so very welcome and given the chance to choose the drum that spoke to me without feeling pressure or being rushed.

As I picked up each drum and played it, I felt as if this is where I belonged and felt the peace of spirit with me. I chose a wonderful deer skin drum and fur covered beater, or should I say the drum chose me?

I have not been able to stop raving to friends about what a wonderful place you have and am already planning my next trip to your store.
Thank you for offering such a beautiful experience and such beautiful drums!

be blessed…..

A Wonderful Experience

I wanted to write back and let you know that our drum-making workshop was a wonderful experience and everyone who participated was deeply touched by the beauty of the skins (buffalo, elk and moose) and the frame drums we ordered from you. We had 15 participants and still have some moose and elk left for another time. I think everyone felt really blessed. We began our workshop by calling in the directions and asking each person to form an intention for the making of their drums. Then we blessed and thanked the animals and the trees for their giveaway (my husband and I had already smudged them before we used them). At the end of the workshop, we asked the participants to stand in a circle holding their drums and we smudged each drum and asked them to speak about what they were dedicating their drum to or for. It was very inspiring.

Before our participants chose their skins, I read the words about each animal from your website to help them connect with the skins and learn which animal was calling to them with his or her medicine. Several people asked me if I could send a copy of the words around to them, but I didn’t want to do that without asking your permission first. I would like to do that, giving you credit for the words, of course. Would that be okay with you?

One woman asked about the source of the skins. I told her that I knew you were from the Portland, OR area, but that I wasn’t sure where the skins came from. Would you be willing to share with me where the skins come from so that I might share that information with her?

I know that we will place another order in the future. Thank you for helping us to make this a rich and powerful experience for the men and women who were there.
Blessings to you,

Choosing my Drum






Your Amazing Drum

Dear Patrick, Akasha (your amazing drum) arrived on Tuesday. I am sorry I haven’t written sooner – we had a pretty good blizzard here Tues and Wed. Akasha is beautiful! I am looking forward to spending many hours with her. My husky Denali is very interested in her but for different reasons! When I “introduced ” them, Denali sniffed her and then gave her a lick! I think he thinks she is a great big raw hide goodie. Needless to say, We got her hung up and out of reach of Denali. He now sits on the bed and looks at her with a big grin on his face – naughty puppy! Thank you so very much! I will keep her safe and happily invest much time, effort and love in her.

Blessings and sunshine


Bringing Healing to Prisons

Dear Patrick,

I’ve been teaching qigong at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, the women’s prison in Wilsonville, for 3+ years now. I used to come to the drumming circles at Cedar Mountain a couple of years ago and have a drumming circle here in Sherwood periodically. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been blending the qigong (Chinese self-healing energy practice) with talking circles, drum meditations, drum healing circles (on request), and some shamanic practices. The healing that has happened with the ladies in my classes has been phenomenal and is what keeps me motivated to continue my service there.

One of my “lifers” in Medium security has been attending class most of two years. She has no one on the outside that can send her anything as her family has disowned her for various unfortunate reasons. She has experienced the deep healing of the native style drumming and talking circles. She told me she  very much wanted a medicine bag and did I know of anyone she could contact to send her one. I have made several, but I cannot provide her one. It’s against the rules we card-carrying volunteers must obey. I told her about Cedar Mountain Drums and she has requested that I bring all your contact information to class tomorrow so she can put it through channels. I am providing her that info tomorrow morning.  While looking up your info on the web, I found your article on Creating Sacred Space in Prisons. When she does contact you, it would be wonderful if you could provide her with a reasonably priced medicine bag. Also, I’d like to share your article with the two prison chaplains at Coffee Creek.

Spirit has blessed me beyond description by allowing me to be with these women for the last three years. Other than the ladies who come in every so often to do the sweat lodges, I’m the only one I know of who brings drums, rattles and healing stones every week into Coffee Creek. Every Friday I teach qigong and we drum in Minimum Security. On the second and fourth Sundays, I go to Medium and do the same. They have been blessed with healing, visits from totem animals, and new found hope for those whose sentences will end one day. For those who will be there for life, they’ve learned a skill that can help them endure the rigors and mediocre medicare care they must endure. Several of them are still in touch now that they’re out.


In health & spirit,

Jo Ann

A Sweet Undercurrent of Love


Thank you so very much for the amazing drum. I’m still marveling at it but wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. There is both an awesome power and a sweet undercurrent of Love in its tone. It will take much time to understand the lessons it has in it, but I can tell already that gratitude is an appropriate response.

Thank you for what you do, for making thoughtful tools, for supporting this path we walk.

Blissings and Joy to you and yours!


A Rich Experience

I received the drums yesterday, and they are wonderful! The variety of colors, shapes and sounds all make for a rich experience, thanks for your choices. Interesting to note their “birth” dates, and for the most part, I can see the significance in the dates except for July 20, 2010. Also note that 4 of 5 drums have Moon in Scorpio; coincidence?

I used one of the deer ties to re-do a deer drum that I have, and it seems to have gone quite well. Will know tomorrow when I play it. So now I am planning to make the Elk Drum from scratch, can hardly wait!

Thanks so much,


Healing Process

Willie100410Helping the healing process for the lost spirits of the past…present…and future…

WillieKathyHere’s a pic of Cathy with her horse drum up on Shasta…beautiful day to share and make offerings…blessings.



Greetings from Prison

Greetings, my name is He Talks With Big Heart and I am the Spokesperson for the Warriors of Faith Native Community here at the State Prison at Camp Hill, PA. On behalf of the Native Community here I would like to say thank you for the time spent by you and Cedar Mountain Drums for making our drum. I must tell you that when While Wolf, our Sacred Pipe Carrier, and myself unpacked the drum I could feel its spirit right away and the feeling was beyond amazing.

I would like you to know that this Sacred Drum is going to be treated with the utmost respect and will be put to great use in calling in the spirits to join us in our Sacred Hoop. We are going to have a ceremony to awaken our Drum very soon and I would like you to know that my Brothers and I will be thinking of you and all at Cedar Mountain Drums.

I would like to congratulate you on your 35 years of being sober and pray you have 35 more years clean. We use the teachings from our Brothers and Sisters from White Bison here at Camp Hill. This program has helped me and others find hope, happiness, and sobriety on the Red Road so we may live our lives here and when we go home in balance with the Creator and our families. May the Creator continue to bless and watch over you. Thank you again Brother. A-HO

Inspired by your talk

Hi Patrick,

Thank you so much for educating and leading us in the drum circle yesterday- everyone was so inspired by your talk and getting to interact with each other in a new and creative way. We have been a team since September and have done other team building / ice breaker activities, but I could really feel any residual ice melting away as we made music together.

Here is what the team had to say:

“The drum circle was a good way to process all the pain we had witnessed [in the documentaries we watched], very healing and enlightening.  I loved it!

“I have been inspired to reach out to NAYA as part of my CAP and to attend more drum circles for my own enjoyment.”

“I thought the cedar mountain man was amazing.  just listening to him talk made me feel like everything ever was going to be okay.  he was awesome.”


My first drumming circle

Last Night, I attended my first drumming circle, and it was one for men only. Our host, Patrick, a Native American healer, spiritual guide, and long-time drum craftsman, opened sacred space and invited in the sacred masculine by speaking from the heart. When the talking stick came to me, I introduced myself and shared:

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be here tonight. Patrick, thank you for opening your space to us all and for welcoming me into this circle of men. My family and I have just moved here from afar, and we are starting a new chapter in our lives. I have had a longing to be in community for a long time, something I have not found until we arrived here, and now that I see this gathering of men, and find myself here among you, I realize I have come home. So thank you for welcoming me. Aho!”

We drummed, rattled, shook, and chanted. We moved, we danced, we barked, we howled. We sat, we communed, we sensed, and…we were. As one gifted drummer and healer has often said, “change your rhythm and you change your life.” That’s from Toby Christensen. Indeed, drum away the low vibration of fear, anger, and other heavy energies, and we make space for higher vibrations of love, peace, harmony.

I will return. I know the way back home.


Making my Drum

I am a creative being who dabbles in many arts and crafts as well as making medicine objects, so I purchased a 10″ drum kit in order to experience making my own sacred medicine drum using materials from nature. The kit found its way into my closet and stayed there for a couple of months. Then, having been invited to paint a sacred design on a drum that was being gifted to a Mayan Spiritual Leader, I was inspired to finally make my drum just in time for a Medicine for the Earth shamanic retreat I attended, at which the drum was initiated into its shamanic life. The drum turned out beautifully, was simple to make, and has a wonderful tone. I made it very tight out of concern for living on the damp coast, hoping this would alleviate any problems with expansion in my climate. So far, so good! I also painted a design on the drum face and the rawhide took the acrylic quite well and seems to be very secure and stable. In my delight with the quality and “feel” of the kit, and the experience of assembling and painting my drum, I’ve ordered more hoops and a full deer hide so as to make more. I spoke directly with Patrick when I placed my order and he was very helpful on many levels, but especially with tips of how to work with the rawhide for larger drums that will live on the damp coast, so as to keep the drum faces taught (Patrick informed me that the smaller drums stay taught better). I’m so pleased to have found Cedar Mountain Drums. Thanks for your offerings, and many blessings to you all.
Jennifer Star

So happy when my drum arrived

I want you to know I was so happy when my drum arrived.  I took it out of the box and held it close to my heart and I knew I had made the right choice.  The painting on it is absolutely gorgeous.  I have welcomed my drum and am now using it for meditation.  Awesome!!! Sincerely,

Carlisle, Arkansas

New Ally in Healing

The SW Sun and Phoenix drum arrived this weekend. S/he is lovely! I have smudged with white sage, cedar and juniper… The drum came in just in time for a workshop on Bear Spirit I hope to attend in April. Hir voice is so resonate. I am looking forward to a long journey with a new ally in healing.
Thank you so much!

Many blessings~

Very Pleased

I received my buffalo drum last week in good shape.  Just wanted to let you know it is a beautiful hide and has a deep resonant sound.  I am very pleased with the drum and plan to use it in my healing sessions where it’s sacredness will be honored.  Much Healing on the path of life, Ron

Here is my drum story. You may use my whole name. I have nothing to hide. It’s the name given to me by Spirit in a quest, and made legal the same year. It is my own name and I will keep it for the rest of this life. Vena.

The Power of My Cedar Mountain Drum

The large drum I bought last year is a spiritual power. Spirit directed me to buy the drum, the size, the Eagle painted on top. It was to be used for healing, despite the fact it’s a pow wow size drum. Spirit was very definite about my getting the drum from Cedar Mountain Drums and nowhere else because of the high vibration of drums, drumsticks and everything I’ve bought from Cedar Mountain.

Turns out the drum heals body, mind and spirit. I never ask for any specific healing. Everything I do is in the context of “God’s will be done.” I don’t want to put my two cents worth in and get in God’s way.March 20, 2005

Read the rest of Vena’s story of using her drum for healing work in our articles section! 

A Magical Experience

I wanted to let you know I made my drum on July 2, 2004. It was a truly magical, Divine experience.

I put the Elk hide and lacing in a kiddie pool to soak on July 1. The pool was outside under a tree. That night, the moon moved into fullness – it rose around 9 PM, shrouded in a peach/pink glow. I was happy the drum would be receiving the full moon’s energy. Later that night, a tremendous thunder and lightning storm moved through from the north. I woke up to the thunder at 2:30 AM. My heart stopped when I realized the drum was also receiving the enormous energy of the Weather Beings. I was very grateful.

The next morning I began making the drum. I set up outside next to a lake, under pine trees. I honored the four directions, earth and sky. I built a fire and consecrated it using the offerings of the Huchol tradition – tobacco, copal, chocolate and wood. Half way through making the drum a thunderstorm popped up out of the blue. It moved across the lake, and a downpour ensued. Again, I was amazed and grateful that the Weather Beings came to bless the drum.

Thank you for talking me through the drum-making process – it gave me the confidence to actually do it. The drum came out great, with a beautiful range of tones depending on the humidity. My wish is that every time the drum is struck, that the energy and blessings of the Elk, the Cedar, the full moon and the thunder and lightning are sent back out into the world.

Thank you, Patrick, for the work you do in providing drums, drum kits and other sacred objects. May the circle of blessings continue.

Love and blessings to you and yours,

Filled with joy

I cannot find the right words in the English language to express my gratitude. Just seeing that the box had arrived was exciting and when I opened the box and took out each object, I was so filled with joy I felt like my heart would explode. Everything was wonderful. The turtle rattle so honors my power animal. The Drum … it is still overwhelming to try to describe it…the tones are magnificent and exactly what I wanted…and I am in awe of the workmanship. Thank you for inscribing it.

Blessings and light to you and your family,

Very Impressed

I am writing to you to let you know that Derek’s order arrived safely at the shop on Friday afternoon. We are both very impressed with both the speedy delivery and the quality of the items we ordered. Thank you. The hoops are wonderful and we are looking forward to making the drums. It is also wonderful to have long lengths of thong ready cut. I am sure we will be ordering from you again at some point in the future and will have no hesitation in recommending your company. Thanking you once again,

from Elizabeth and Derek

Fine, Strong and Beautiful

I’ll tell you something metaphorical about the Drum: When a man wants to go in a journey, he will choose a fine and strong horse. I think mine is very fine and strong, besides beautiful. I’m very, very, happy and satisfied with all the things that came from you.

Besides the Drum, the flute, the pipe and the feathers, are come along with me in all my journeys. I’m using it with honor and respect, like the sacred things must do.

My purest prays are made with the pipe and the wind is respected with the song of the flute. The feathers remember me that our first father is alive and stronger than ever.

Thank you very much for your care and for the path chosen by you, that made and still make many people feel complete.
Peace and harmony.


I recommend these Kits

Meanwhile my drum is made. Together with the detailed information provided it was a good experience to make my own drum. The quality of the material is good and looks very well. One can feel the spirit of the material. The rattle is right now a work in progress, but also here the rattle kit is a good tool to make one on your own. I would recommend “Cedar Mountain Drums” when I would be asked for drums.

Best regards from Switzerland,


Thank you

Thank you for giving the drum such attention. It means a great deal to me, hard to put into words at times. I use the drum at drummings but also to go to a sacred place (now invaded by tourists) and with a very small group we drum with prayers to the ancient ones that lived here and to Creator. There has been a sad history here and we try to keep the flame alive. So that is why I made a fuss about the drum, it will be calling out in healing to wounds that have never healed.


Excellence of Products and Dependability

Thank you so much for your continuing excellence of products & dependability! I’ve enjoyed using your kits to teach drumming @ our American Indian Museum (the IAIS) in Washington, CT (for years now!), & @ Happy Rainbows Tea & Apothecary Shop in Sherman, CT. I plan to give a workshop in Mystic & the Herbary in early October ~ to include your fine products. Keep up the great work!


E. Barrie Kavasch, Reiki Master,
Shamanic Counselor & Master Herbalist
324 Main Street South
Bridgewater, CT 06752

Such a beautiful space

I did end up stopping at your store Sunday to pick up a kit for a drum with Horse. I am glad I did because I got to see your beautiful space and hear about the things you are doing in/for the community. Wow! If I was in Portland, you would see me around for sure. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I practice both Wicca and Shamanic Journey work — trying to find all the bridges in between, watching the gaps dissolve…


I love my drum!

I just wanted to tell you how much I love and enjoy my drum!  I thank the Spirits each day for leading me to your website and to Tina’s horse drum. I also can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance in making me comfortable as a new drum owner. I’m still a little on the scared side of doing something wrong, but I know the drum and I will be okay together.  Mary-Anne,
Lincoln, Nebraska

A Wonderful Drum!

Thanks for creating such a wonderful drum!

I received a gift of one of your drums a couple years ago and I wanted to let you know what an incredible instrument it is. After many hours of drumming it has become a part of my music to a degree that I never would have anticipated. The warmth of the sound has influenced and inspired many of the recordings that I am releasing in the next year.


So Friendly and Kind

Thanks! for being so friendly & kind when I ordered my drum today.

Mary, Oregon

Thanks for your Donation

I am writing you this letter on behalf of the Native American Circle here at Columbia River Correctional Institution. We all want to express our deepest and most sincere gratitude for the Sage that you donated to our Circle!

I am part of a treatment program for Drugs & Alcohol that is called “Turning Point” but we also share our Medicines with the General Population here at CRCI, so this letter comes from all of us! Not only do we thank you, and the Cedar Mountain Drums — we keep you in our Prayers that are offered up with the Medicine you have so freely shared with us!

It really means a lot to all of us, and I had a card drawn up for you & Cedar Mountain Drums, so we hope that you like it (It is signed by all who are part of “Turning Point” and our Circle in the D & A program). May the Grandfather bless and watch over you and yours!

Once again, I thank you personally, and so does everyone in our Circle — We hope that this letter reaches you in the Best of Health & in the Highest of Spirits!

Much Respect, Joe, Oregon

Appreciate Your Commitment

It’s my pleasure to acknowledge your generous contribution and participation with Portland Community College’s Second Annual Native American Winter Pow-wow at the Sylvania Campus. We truly appreciate your commitment to the growth of this important program. Heightened cultural understanding strengthens our entire community. PCC’s programs expose students from all backgrounds to learning experiences which increase awareness of and appreciation for Native American history, culture and educational opportunities which go far beyond those found in traditional college curricula. On behalf of all those who benefit from your generosity, thank you for partnering with PCC and giving such valuable contributions to this event.

Alice Jacobson, Executive Dean
Sylvania Campus, Oregon

Thanks for Sharing

Thank you very much for speaking at our church. I’m sure everyone learned a great deal. I know that I did.

It was interesting to hear your story and how much your spirituality has helped you. It was generous of you to share with us.

The drumming and the flute were a special ending.

Don, Oregon

Better than Expected

The drum I ordered arrived yesterday — Thank You! It is even better than I had hoped. The person that is going to receive it for Christmas will be very pleased. Because she will be its steward, I can’t try it until she has had a chance to smudge it and make her own offering to the spirits. Thank you for the obvious care and respect you give the drums.


Very true

When I first entered your Cedar Mountain Drums web site, I was moved by the competition statements on the opening page. Very true my friend very true. I’m a rock drummer in Illinois. Drummers around here just want to be the best! … I’ve come from a music oriented family and feel that I am just a Natural, … but I was in a music store last week and noticed a girl that could not have been older than 10 years old. She for some reason made such an impression on me tapping on a snare…I just know someday she will be so much better than I have ever been. This world keeps turning!


Great Flutes

I’m the guy that came in yesterday and bought the Quenna and the Benton flute. I just thought I’d take the time to thank you for having such a wonderful store. My collection is about 50 flutes strong now and these last two fit quite nicely. The Benton flute is proving to be quite the challenge because of the pinkie hole and the Quenna plays better than the one I bought with the bone insert.

I’ll be in again soon to pick up that big Bass Flute and an Apache Spirit flute. One of those has been on my list for a while now. I just want to thank you again, it certainly looks like your shop is exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Tracy, Oregon

Wonderful Repair

Thank you for the wonderful way you repaired my mother drum with such respect and loving care. I look forward to her arrival and pray her heartbeat will draw many to sit around her for healing — personal and for Mother Earth. I also look forward to doing business with you in the future. With a grateful heart,

October , 2000

In a later letter (November, 2000), Flo writes:

Thank you for the great job you did in repairing my mother drum. I tried her out and she sounds awesome.

Feel Transformed

I was really blessed last night at the drumming circle. I feel transformed into a beautiful spirit when I come to your place… I did not believe that I would ever need to just sit or lay on the floor and let the musical magic and beat touch my soul as it did. I thought I would always be playing a drum, listening to my own rhythm. But, as I found out, I can actually experience the magic there laying down and really getting in touch with my soul in a different way, which was very beautiful.

Many Magical Moments to You,

Birthing my Drum

On my 42nd birthday, after sacred ritual, my drum came to me. The skin had been soaking for 2 days in sacred water. When I picked up the skin, there was a part of me that was revulsed… it was exactly like skin from a cadaver. It pulled much from me to handle this skin. After a few moments, the realization set in that this was a REAL animal, a REAL spirit, a REAL person who was now becoming part of MY creation, my life. After laboring for several hours, I birthed by drum. I gave it great respect and deep love, and in return it loved me back, guided me, sang to me, helped me pray in sadness, in gratitude, from my heart and soul. It was my partner during my earth dance and my vision quest and in each minute of every day. It is my MOST precious possession.

I think my drum is dying. . .The songs are still beautiful, but it sounds like the voice of an elder. It is weary. I am struggling with the decision of retiring the drum or stretching it one more time. It seems almost cruel to ask more from this cherished partner on my path.

JD ~O~

Beautiful Drums

Thanks so much to you and your staff for prompt and courteous service. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Our drums are beautiful — It took us 2 1/2 hours to do drums & beaters both.



My Drum is Perfect

The Drum which I ordered from your store has arrived. I have to tell you that I was very hesitant to place an order for something as personal and important as a drum without the benefit of seeing and holding it. However, I have been a part of a Drum Circle here in Lynchburg for the past several months and NEEDED one of my own.

The Drum is perfect. It has the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and fills me with its Spirit. Wednesday is the first drum circle since it arrived and I am eager to use it.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you!

Quick Delivery

Just a quick note to thank you for the ceremonial drum that I recently purchased. I appreciate that you got it out to me as quickly as you did. I received it about two hours before the first session of my shamanic workshop… I am glad we went with the elk skin. The sound is great!


A Work of Art!


I really enjoy my drum; the workmanship is great. Really a work of art!



Perfect Medicine

Thank you for making and selling me your beautiful buffalo drum. I knew instantly when I saw it & heard it that it was a medicine to move me in my North Direction. When I brought it home and played it, the tone was wonderful. It sings! I love it!

With much Aloha,

My beating heart

I have been involved in a coed drumming circle which meets every other week or so here in South Florida. I recently made my own drum, but the week before that, about halfway through a session of the circle, I felt compelled to put down the borrowed drum I’d been using and just listen to the other 20+ drummers. I was sitting facing south, if that is important. I don’t know a lot about the specifics; just that I love drumming. Anyway within 3 or 4 minutes I could literally feel my own heartbeat — beating in the center of my chest, and in exact rhythm with the drumming group. It was an exhilarating experience. The leader said later that he knew of that phenomena, he may even have named it (I forgot), but that it had yet to happen to him. I am clueless as to the meaning of this. I just know I want that experience again! Brenda

Great Voice

That was quick, I received the elk drum yesterday and it is beautiful and has a great voice. I am sure my friend will enjoy it when he gets it!

Thanks Again,

Good nurturing vibes

a Wild person, he did decide to look for a drum, a special drum to bring good nurturing vibes to his story-telling evenings. After many vain attempts where he wandered the dusty plains of Centralia, searching the Ancient Song Lines for inspiration and guidance he did happen upon a Internet Cafe and there did discover One Patrick  and Cedar Mountain Drums–OUT THERE–where no man has ever trod and no woman did plod and the sodden earth hath no footprint…

This very morning it being the twelfth day of the second Month I did drive to the Quarantine sheds close to the bay. Whereupon I did declare my identity and did offer the Frontier Leather Company certificate “13 step program” a la hide tanning process for their perusal.

The Quarantine vet was called. He did read and mumble, and mumble and read and deliberate. And his mumble was a gathering of many voices of the Animal Kingdom. And with expressionless face he did say “She’s right”– which is Ozzie for “I declare this drum worthy of importation.”

Both myself and my Yellow Beetle did float 6 inches above ground as we ventured back to Adelaide. Back in my place of work I did open the box. For the first time I did set my eye upon The Drum, The Elk Skin drum.

Then I did beat. Then I was transported and energised by promised deep rumble, and strange to say people got up from office desks and did dance and make gestures most inappropriate for modern western culture. This drum I thought IS a living being, does transport folk to the edge and breathe fire into their impoverished soul state.

And so the saga ends. I thought you should know. And I say thank you to Cedar Mountain Drums for your help along the way.


Thank you for touching my life!

I am so happy to have met you at Baltimore’s Whole Life Expo. Thank you for touching my life! I had great fun listening to you play and talking with you. We flute folks are very special, huh!

Thank you, thank you for bringing those flutes to the show. Each flute I played had a message. But of course that “B” Loomis has the special message of, “let’s partner up for awhile”. I am enjoying her immensely, and she is teaching me many new things.