Our People

Patrick Pinson

My intention is a functional extended family and community. Through classes, drum circles and other offerings, this community is growing. Creating with the hands awakens and empowers the heart. I learned from fellow craftspeople the spirituality of creation – that I give thanks to the spirits of the wood, the animal and the drum, rattle, talking stick and to only make these when my energy is clear. It isn’t just our products, rather the process of how they are made that I teach. Our main craftspeople are currently Mandi  and I.  Our artists take our drums and create beautiful artwork, so you have the best functional healing tool that you will be proud to display. Other friends also help out when asked, and all are taught the ways of creating our products with loving intention and respect.


I created Cedar Mountain Drums following a Vision Quest after making drums as a hobby for two years. I had previously been a Gestalt Therapist, stockbroker, fund raising consultant and play therapist. I have published many articles on drumming as an alternative to drugs and alcohol to achieve high states, and have led drumming circles for corporations such as Nike, The Design Management Institute, prisons, churches and rehabilitation houses. I lead weekly drumming circles here at our home. I also leads circles for men, personal growth groups, and travels doing shows and drum making workshops across the world.

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Bear Creek,community April 4th2010 174Traveling/walking along her pathway in life, following her heart/vision and guided by Spirit, led Mandi to Portland and Cedar Mountain Drums in 2007. She says, pic 4 face book jan 09“I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute towards creating some of the many traditional instruments/implements used to aid healing and well being here at Cedar Mountian. My hands are my tools … The inspiration and guidance I receive are through prayer connecting me with Spirit which gives me great joy and passion.  Patrick and Mandi were united in a hand-fasting Ceremony on Valentines Day, 2021.