Bear Creek Heartspace Mission Statement

After years of holding this vision, I purchased some land in Carson, Washington which we call the The Bear Creek Heartspace Center.  There are  twenty acres that are presently divided into two ten acre parcels  One of these parcels I intend to put in a land trust that is dedicated to this mission.  A goal this year is to establish a 501 C 3 corporation that can be the vehicle to create a model that can be duplicated.  A Capital and Operating fund raising campaign will help us realize this vision and create a new paradigm of a self sustaining business and community.

Our mission is to reconnect all who seek with the innocence and purity of their child spirit, to access our own spiritual connection, our whole heart, and improve that spiritual connection through drum making classes, music, play, theater, ritual and ceremony, recreating a functional and nurturing extended family in order to heal abuse and addictive patterns. The greater mission is to create safe space each one of us can actualize and expand to our highest potential in mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Time is art.  The human spirit has an innate yearning to create, and creative expression is value. Focusing on results is focusing on illusion.  When the mind fixes on a result, the breath stops.  When the breath stops, we fall from grace.  To stay in the present moment, having the courage to stay with process and detach from results and outcomes is the purpose of The Heartspace Center.


The act of creation and co-creation through the expression of our artistry leads to an awakening to spirit.  We offer training in process – the process of creation, whether that creation is drums, rattles, art, dance, theater, movement or sportsplay. Improving our conscious contact and the connection between body and spirit and each other is our purpose.

We offer programs, services, products, education and training on how to become whole, free, independent entities who resonate the vibrations of both the light and the dark.  We embrace both our highest and our lowest, which lead to a center point and awakens the inner rhythms of joy and grace, ease and abundance.

We propose to offer new ways to evaluate and manifest teachers who are congruent with mind, body, spirit and emotions and who are centered in their heartspace.  To learn to trust in our innate ability of move freely and without resistance to the rhythms of universal truth, abundance, grace and ease. We propose to educate in natural law – calling on the natural cycles of nature.  How we learn these is by being in nature which teaches us through silence and space.

We propose that giving and receiving are one, and the giving is for the giver as is the receiving.  We propose to teach the simplicity of the universal Medicine Wheel of life — we come from spirit and to spirit we return. We propose to set clear intention and provide space to balance and center in the yin/yang energies of masculine/feminine, each finding our own voice and manifesting our energy signature in the present moment.

Patrick’s Vision

I see an elegant blending of natural, authentic and shameless people working, playing, supporting and loving each other in the context of a self sufficient, autonomous community.  I see golf and tennis courses, designed in harmony with the land.  I see ceremonies to improve our spiritual connection, bless and respectfully asking permission of the people, the land, animals and plants to take loving care of both  ourselves and our environment.

I see gardens, greenhouses and food organically grown and prepared with loving intent.  I see clear pure waters flowing through the property.  I see hot pools.  I see circles of people praying, sharing and preparing food together, communicating from the deepest levels of trust.  I see naturally generated power sources from wind and sun, water and earth. I see prosperous businesses where people are joyfully working with clutterless efficiency.  I see children running free and with abandon, being loved and nurtured by all.  I see a temple for meditation and prayer in silence.  I see a giant recreation structure with pools, movement rooms, courts for ball play, art studios, improv theater, clowns in abundance, musicians playing and singing, the sounds of drums playing deep patterns of unexpressed rhythms.  I see healing tears flowing and cleansing us from abusive past behavior. I see passionate people dancing naked with shameless abandon.


I am Patrick Pinson.  The following philosophy is my philosophy, developed through my life experience, and I am generalizing.

Language is a big part of self betrayal, and my showing up in the world with my whole heart begins with the I AM.  Often in reading, I am blocked by the I/You/We.

When I share my pure experience, you can take it or leave it, or take the best and leave the rest.  I invite you to open to these ideas as mine, and forgive me when I use we, you and our, for when I betray the I, I am speaking for you.

Playing with our whole heart, down here in the density (earth) is the simple mission of the Heartspace Center.  Through abuse, this childlike zest for life atrophies and withers.  When the child spirit inside of each of us is undernourished, the child spirit goes away and hides.  This betrayal of our “whole heart” creates posturing, manipulating, and seeking outside of ourselves for love and when that love shows up, we recreate conditional love, which is not really love at all.

When we play half-heartedly in work, relationships and spirit, we become obsessive/ compulsive and hopeless.  This creates addictive behavior, seeking outside of ourselves for wholeness.  There is a deep longing for the return of our child spirit with their wonder, curiosity, awe, joy, and unlimited energy, unrestricted by fear and doubt.

The Heartspace Center is a place to come and heal those wounds to the spirit of the child so that we may regain our enthusiasm and zest for life, find our joyful nature and use our gifts that our Creator gives us to the highest levels, co-creating with others.  When the child is nourished through self love, our spirits soar and the limits drop away, and we expand in love, reclaiming and recovering our true nature.

We hold sacred and take loving care of what we hold as sacred and value.  By valuing and loving ourselves and being in a community of like people, we learn to break old self defeating patterns and self betrayal.

Our man made laws have been misguided in an attempt to protect the child, yet the child doesn’t need protection as much as the child needs touch and love – unconditional love that nourishes and releases the whole heart.  Nature is God’s tranquilizer, so our intention is to create a blend of structures and space in nature.

This retreat center, away from the random chaos of the city, will be a model that can be duplicated.  No more people will live on this land than the land can support, and there is intention to blend with the land, animals, and plants that reside there, creating an ecosystem of balance and blending in nature.  Simplicity, abundance, trust, courage and unconditional love are qualities of the child inside.  A mind free of clutter births clarity of intention.

The walk around the Medicine Wheel of life is a walk around the cycles and rhythms of nature and the four ridges of life.  The first ridge is the unborn and the newborn.  We come from spirit and our gift of life is the most precious gift.  When we hold the children sacred, the children hold others sacred.

The greatest gift of the child is innocence, purity and a whole heart. Child abuse stops the flow, grace and ease of life. This abuse takes four forms – abuse of mind, body, spirit and emotions.  This abuse, until healed, manifests in addictions and co-dependent relationships.

Programs — A Partial Listing

  • Free play — the road to creativity and spontaneity
  • Skillful means — tools for manifestation
  • Ceremony — spiritual discipline
  • Clowning — The medicine of the contrary
  • Tantra — Sacred sex — learning to clear the clutter and manifest our highest with others
  • Emotional Honesty — accessing, trusting and expressing our feelings, the music of the soul
  • Language — how to express ourselves clearly and beautifully, and the interrelatedness of vibrations and rhythm
  • Trust — how to access the water
  • Refinement — appreciation of the higher art forms
  • Music and Dance
  • Theater and Drama — both improvisation and playing roles
  • Manifestation through Movement — bringing from thought to form
  • Philanthropy — Freely giving and discernment
  • Sportsplay — using golf, tennis, racquetball, badminton, and other playful activities to access grace in movement

If this vision resonates with you and you would like to be included in its manifestation, please email Patrick.  Please share your comments, questions, and insights with me. As this project continues, updates will be posted on this site.

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