Bear Creek Heartspace

Carson, Washington
A Place for Spirit

Attend a Drum and Rattle Making Workshop at Bear Creek

Bear Creek “Heartspace” is a twenty-acre plot of land with a crystal clear stream running along the property.

Arial view of the Bear Creek Property in Carson, Washington — A Cedar Mountain Drums Community Space


We have a 2,800 sq. ft. shop complete with kitchen and bath, an office, and a tipi set up on our land (available on a first-come basis).


There are many tent camping sites along the creek.

There is a huge “Medicine Wheel” garden full
of organic heirloom veggies. Mandi has created beautiful art within the garden. Our goal is to
create a self-sustaining community.


Being at Bear Creek is healing in itself, away from the city in a natural environment.


We have abundance of wildlife there, and at night the night sky is free from the lights of the city, and is truly amazing.

In August, the days are hot but the nights are cool, making an ideal camping site. When it gets too hot, we go to the creek for a refreshing dip.

The kitchen and bath are air conditioned thanks to the donation of a neighbor. Nature nurtures us and reminds us of our natural connection with the all that is. We are pleased to share this beautiful land with our friends.

Read the Bear Creek Heartspace Mission Statement