Moving through the Darkness

Every Autumn, I explore fresh perspectives that keep my mind sharp and


open to new, yet loyal to old.  In recovery, most all I have known with long term abstinence from alcohol have done the personal inventories and as a result of the “into action” steps, have been rewarded with the promises of recovery.  Recovery has two phases, just as our breath teaches us – in and out, up and down.  The first phase of recovery is a recovery from.  The second phase is a coming to or recovery to your own divinity and destiny.

As I gaze out my window, I can see the leaves turning from green to shades of autumn.  The dying and letting go time of the year.  Many cultures have harvest ceremonies and the Cherokees had the green corn Ceremonies which practiced forgiveness for all that we held resentments for.  the going within that nature teaches as she dies or recedes into the deep sleep of winter.    The fall is the shadow side, and I have learned to dance with my shadow, first to feel it and heal it and then to laugh and sing with it.  Self nurturing gradually brings the emergence of our real and childlike qualities.  The creative fires live here and is the most precious gift we can give ourselves.

Tonight, I will show up at 7 pm to read from and learn from the teachings of traditional cultures and elders from many cultures.  The walk around the wheel or cycle of 28 classes seemed natural, as I bring 28 stones into our lodge each Solstice and Equinox.  Saturday, we had an amazing sweat.  As usual, who was supposed to be there was there.  When I let go of over-controlling and just trust spirit, magic happens.  We honored the bear and bear creek, beginning by entering the west gate, the element of water.  Eight of us entered the lodge together and sang our songs, asked the spirts to help us,  made our prayers, prayed with the pipe and purified with letting go of the toxins that poison our minds, bodies, spirits and emotions.  These lodges take time to assimilate, and over the years of Ceremony I have come to believe in their power.  I have noticed that many are afraid of going to any length and let go of the old ides which although might have helped us survive, certainly do not serve our higher natures.  We made prayers of all who have suffered losses and that our beautiful Heartspace property can retain its privacy and protection from loggers and timber companies who are intent on clear cutting our forests.  Our children’s children down the line to the seventh generation is who we are  taking a stand and We ask the nature spirits to help us be peaceful warriors of the heart.

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  1. You should leave some audio of you playing the drum and singing.. Maybe some sweat lodge songs.

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