“You Have To Do It By Yourself, And You Can’t Do It Alone”

logo200I have learned many lessons from people from all cultures, and I never know where the guidance and wisdom will come from – sometimes from the most unlikely sources.  We all have to walk that lonely walk around the wheel to first complete our own wholeness.  My Native American teachers as well as other wise ones have advised me to take the best and leave the rest,  stay in my heart, and the spirits will be there.    In my early days as a therapist, I found that unity begins with me, and I first had to heal my own trauma so that I am relaxed.  The drum is such a metaphor for this teaching.  If the drum is flat, i.e. too loose, nothing gets done.  If it is too tight, it is apt to break or split.  The perfect balance of both loose and tight is that sweet resonance that speaks to our soul.  Play and music, drumming and meditation are the elixirs of our souls.  

For every thing, there is a season, and taking a stand for injustice and for Streamfuture generations in protecting our air, water and environment.    Tomorrow night, we will hold a talking circle, prayer and meditation circle above the store from 7-9 p.m.  What is going down in North Dakota is drawing the line about the raping of the common resources and polluting our waters, the most precious of resources.

My AA sponsor back in the mid 70’s advised me during my first year sober to stay out of relationships and work on my own program.  Steps 10, 11 and 12 are how to maintain my own balance.  A personal inventory and self examination is always in order.  The “inside out” way of living and practicing spirtual principals in all my affairs has given me many rewards, and many hard lessons.  Rather than comparing where I am in relation to others is fruitless folly, and my goal is to bloom where I am planted. maple Cedar Mountain is about right size for what I can take care of.  , so taking loving care of what I have is my challenge, beginning with me.  Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.  Hope to see you tonight.  Blessings, Patrick and Mandi

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