Shades of Rez Flutes

 Tim Blueflint (Bad River Chippewa and Comanche) was raised in the majesty and serenity of the Pacific Northwest. He learned to experience and appreciate the natural world with its beauty and complexities at an early age.

An avid Native American Dancer and Singer, Tim Blueflint was highly regarded and sought after as an exhibition dancer at many pow-wows in the West. He has been a champion Hoop and Fancy Dancer, as well as a well respected singer with many traditional drum groups.

Realizing the beauty and honor of his Native American heritage, he has been steadfastly dedicated to the preservation of the traditions and arts of his ancestors in accordance to the ongoing teachings and tutelage he has received from his “Sure-Enough” Grandmother, Blackstar (Comanche), a Holy Woman for her People and renowned silversmith.

It was Grandmother Blackstar who presented Tim Blueflint with his first flute many years ago. The result of this gift has been the enchantment and delight of many audiences who have described his original scores and compilations as “breathtakingly pure and traditional… an escape from the “new age-ness”” that the Native American flute has come to represent for many.

Now, he invites you to experience his new line of Traditional Native American Flutes, each individually crafted and painstakingly tuned. Shades of Rez flutes are made for performers by a performer. From traditional “warbling” flutes to the crystal clear and soothing voices of his contemporary flutes, you will feel and hear difference.

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