Our Kits for Drums & More

Cedar Mountain Drums is a community of men and women dedicated to manifest services and products for healing our sense of separation. Each item we create is done with prayer and loving intention. Since we use primarily deer, elk, moose buffalo and horse rawhide for our drums, some information about the hides is helpful.

We purchase “green hides” and finished rawhide from individuals and tanneries, and each hide is “fleshed” by the hunters that provide the skins. Many times their hides are inconsistent in thickness. We give our attention to making our drums and attempt to use the thickest parts of each hide, but with an intention to steward and use these gifts from the animal people, we use prudence and try to get as much out of each hide as possible, and therefore create as little waste as we can.

Each kit you purchase is complete with everything you need for creating your drum, rattle or beater. We hand cut each head, lacing, rattle head and beater head. We wrote our instructional manuals and illustrated each step of the process of creating your drum, rattle or beater. At Cedar Mountain our goal is sustainability, respect and functional community. We inspect each others’ creations to maintain the excellent quality that our company has been know for.

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