Drum Kits

The hands and the heart are intimately connected. When I made my first drum, after working in my head for many years, my heart awoke and led to the creation of Cedar Mountain Drums in 1989. Creating a drum can be a magical experience – putting your prayer and energy into the drum and learning the things you can change…and the things you have to release to spirit. Making your own Native American style rawhide hoop drum or shaman’s rattle is a wonderful way to create a personalized tool for healing and ceremony. To this end, we offer kits containing everything you need to create your own instrument. Drum kits come with your choice of a pre-cut deer, elk, horse, moose or buffalo rawhide drum head and hand cut rawhide lacing. The drum hoop or frame can be yellow cedar, red cedar, willow oak or maple. Also included are the makings of a soft drum beater and instructions. Many blocks will come up – perfectionism, doubt, fear and once you go through these, a renewal takes place that you could have never imagined. The magical act of creating the drum bonds you with this “medicine” and you learn to work with the drum as it teaches the ever-changing laws of nature.

We cut each drum head and lacing from the same animal rawhide after smudging, praying and staying in the heart space. Each kit comes complete with a hoop and pre-cut rawhide head & lacing of your choice, a beater kit and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

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