May/June book notes from Patrick

Some songs sing me – this morning in my hot tub, a little bird flew close to me.   In my basque/french name, Pinson is Little bird.

This was Saint Francis who we use in our eleventh step which we seek through prayer and meditation to be an instrument – Creator, make me an instrument of your peace.  Play me like a flute – a hollow bone.

The South or summer solstice is being all I can be – naked and unafraid

2004 Bear Creek

The people are at the top of the inverted pyramid.  In AA, we have trusted servants rather than politicians.  Mingo people sat between the mother/father energies.  All journey’s begin with an identification of where I am, or in drum making the first hole I put in the circle. I started with Goddess/God – I can’t, God/Goddess/ Godding can and I will follow my heart.  The god I worship is both and – my warrior and my healer, my lover and my intellect.  .  My lover is my healer – In Moore/Bly/Hillman the four are King, Warrior, Lover and Magician.  A balance of dark and light bundles.  I am omnisexual.  Sex is a mystery I will never understand – I know I look deeper now than when I was ten years younger.  How I define beauty has shifted – seeing beyond the surface and facades. Looking deeply into the eyes is the seer.  Many look, yet don’t see.   Same as hearing – this is deep listening from the heart.  I can tell the guarded in how others hug me, most holding their butts away from contact.  The predatory/prey goes into the dark bundles which are created together with the light bundles.,   Love the one I am with – me.  Self-love needs no guards – real and authentic.

Shiva could return Shakti or reflect

birthing babies

death mother’s gaze, thus the kundalini energy  in its balanced masculine/feminine energies starts at the seat of the soul – with low C  The wild man and wolf women – the didgeridoo, the base, the root.  May brings on the may pole, which we dance around.  May is about grace and gratitude.  Crisis management is everywhere – some giving up hope, others like me, found that hitting bottom or “bedrock” was an excellent place to build from.  I am a fisherman.  I used to fish in bathtubs, but later realized those waters had no fish.  If you go to

bear creek

catch, it isn’t balance.  I go to fish, as I am all about presentation.  How can I awaken my true nature – where time disappears and once again I see that I am enough, and fly fishing is my religion.  Some wannabes flog the water, I stalk the Wiley trout.  I just sit by the stream for a spell, then flip my hand tied fly into the waters.  Butch and I used to go fishing on Oregon’s Metolius River deep in the ponderosa pines – I went to fish and allow the space in nature to be enchanted and have no agreements – time disappeared.

A fisher of souls – loving the unlovable.


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  1. Straight from your heart ❤️ and soul Patrick!! It has been many years of deeeep healing work to trust. Bigggg Hugs, eye to eye conversations…I am blessed! ☺️ Thank you for sharing!!! ❤️

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